• Now Testing Sheep & Goats

    We are now providing the same reliable pregnancy results for sheep and goats.  Southeastern Animal Labs has been providing excellent service to our bovine customers for years.  Now we are able to provide the same service to goat and sheep breeders.  Pregnancy test results are accurate for goats 28 days post breeding and for sheep 35 days post breeding.  Please let us begin testing your sheep and goats.
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    Now Testing Sheep & Goats
  • Pregnant or Not?

    Developed by IDEXX, the trusted name in animal diagnostic testing, the new Bovine Pregnancy test identifies pregnant cows accurately only 28 days after breeding.  Drawing blood samples to determine pregnancy is a less technical procedure than rectal palpation or ultrasound, both of which require highly skilled labor and considerable training and practice.

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    Pregnant or Not?
  • BVD is Affecting Your Operation

    BVD challenges producer profitability with increased abortions, stillbirths and risk to healthy cattle. It challenges stocker operations and feedlots with reduced gain and increased sickness and death.  Experts estimate that the financial impact of BVDV averages a loss of $30-$40 per head.  BVD testing can save cattle and money.
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    BVD is Affecting Your Operation

Bovine Testing for Pregnancy and BVD

Can you afford not to test?

At Southeastern Animal Labs testing accuracy is our priority.  We strive to provide excellent service while maintaining impeccable accuracy in Bovine Testing for Pregnancy and BVD.

Southeastern Animal Labs opened in September of 2009 to provide accurate diagnostic testing to the south.  We offer bovine pregnancy testing and several diagnostic tests including BVD-PI.

Leslie Simmons, owns and operates the lab.  She graduated from Georgia Tech with a bachelor’s in chemistry in 1995.  Her desire to work in the field of agriculture prompted her to open the lab.